Thermals Hydro

Thermals Hydro

Thermals Hydro

The Thermals Hydro Hot Tub has everything you need for a perfect experience at home. With its 6-person capacity – with six ergonomic seats, and one non-float lounger designed to hold your body to the shell and give you a perfect massage – this plug-and-play hot tub is sure to create your own relaxing retreat.
The Hydro comes with 25 hydrotherapy jets, and the easy-to-use Gecko Control System, allowing you to choose your settings and enjoy a variety of relaxation experiences. The efficient 2kW heater keeps the water at the right temperature, while the Thermo-Lock Insulation System provides the ultimate in energy efficiency. Enjoy the LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers for a truly relaxing environment.
This hot tub also comes with a state-of-the-art no-bypass filtration system and an ozone disinfection system. Better filtration means more joy and longer product life.
These new Thermal Spas are the ideal solution for those looking to enjoy their own energy-efficient hot tub at home, whether it’s to unwind, de-stress, party, or simply enjoy time outdoors.

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