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Air Source Heat Pumps

Get an air source heat pump for your hot tub or swim spa

Explore our fantastic range of air source heat pumps, designed to reduce energy usage and keep your electricity bill low when using your hot tub. An air souce heat pump can reduce your hot tub energy bills by up to 70%. The pump can take its power from your hot tub (or swim spa) and doesn't need any additional electrical installation. Your hot tub will need to be modified slightly to plumb the water through the heat pump system to heat the water.

How do hot tub air source heat pumps work?

An air source heat pump will take the heat from outside air through a series of tubes which contain an eco-friendly R32 refridgerant. When the outside air flows over the tubes it warms the refridgerant and converts it from liquid into gas.

This gas is pushed through a compressor, increasing the pressure and raising the temperature of the gas considerably. This is then passed through a titanium heat exchanger.

The water circulation system for your hot tub is plumbed through the air source heat pump. As the heat from the gas travels through the heat exchange, it heats the water in the pipework.

The refridgerant will then cool down and convert back into liquid form and the process repeats.

Will an air source heat pump work on my hot tub in winter?

Yes! Because of the way a hot tub air source heat pump works, the pump will still create heat for your hot tub's water system even when the ambient temperature is below zero degrees. This is because the compression of the refridgerant generates heat. Bear in mind some cheaper air source heat pumps on the market do not work below zero and will be useless in colder winter months. All of our models work considerably below zero degrees.

This is a far more cost-effective way of running your hot tub (especially long term) and is more environmentally friendly, too.

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