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The Hera

Experience the best of both worlds with the Hera Swim Spa. This four-seater hot tub, equipped with 44 jets, allows you to have a luxury spa treatment at home with its hydrotherapy massage seats; including a family fun pool where the children can play while you relax in the refreshing crystal clear water. The Swim Spa is suitable for those wishing to strengthen their body with the help of the three swim jets, ideal for beginners and advanced trainers; adjust the power of the jets to toughen your exercise.

The perfect spa, the perfect pool, all in your own garden. Swim spas are known for their exercise benefits. They’re excellent for low-impact forms of exercise, training your whole body and the cardiovascular system with the help of three 7.5” boost jets without putting any pressure on your joints or bones; with the benefit of being able to slip into one of the hydrotherapy jet seats and relieve any muscle pains.

Ideal for families, while the children play in the pool, you can rest your neck on one of the comfortable pillows as you relax, and listen to an audiobook, podcast or music thanks to the two Balboa BBA2 speakers with Bluetooth. The colour-changing fibre optic and LED lights allow the luxury spa experience to continue until the early hours of the morning. With the Control My Spa app, you don’t need to worry about moving from your seat, as you’re able to control the lights, temperature and much more from any smartphone or tablet – even receive push notifications to alert you of any problems.

Technical Specification:

• Capacity: 4 Persons Spa

• Jets: 44 Jets

• Pumps: x1 2HP, x1 Circulation, x3 3HP Pumps

• Control Box: Gecko - Gecko Manual

• Bluetooth: Included

• Dimensions: 410 × 225 × 141 cm (13′ 5′′ x 7′ 4′′ x 4′ 7′′)

• Power Supply: 32 AMP

• Heater: 3kW

• Water Features: No

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