AquaIntel SW70 7kW

AquaIntel SW70 7kW

AquaIntel SW70 7kW

Air Source Heat Pump AquaIntel SW70 7kW
Average-COP 9.5
Stepless DC Inverter Technology
With Stepless DC Inverter, the compressor speed can be adjusted hertz by hertz and fan motor speed can be adjusted round by round. It adapts intelligently to different heating demands.
Comfort Silence
Thanks to Inverquark technology, Stepless DC inverter compressor and DC brushless fan motor, Mr. Smart runs very quietly and provides you a comfortable heating environment.
Professional Pool Heating Control System
Benefiting from Stepless DC inverter technology, Mr. Smart speed will be adjusted intelligently according to the environment and water temperature.
Anytime Anywhere – InverGo App
Controller in your hands (Enjoy and access all the features of your heat pump from the InverGo App)Set Schedules (Program when or how your heat pump works)Share with your loved ones (Let your family control your heat pumpControl your heat pump anywhere and anytime with InverGo)
Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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