H20 Full inverter 7kw Heat Pump

H20 Full inverter 7kw Heat Pump

H20 Full inverter 7kw Heat Pump

Reduce your energy bills with a full-inverter heat pump for your hot tub!
A fantastic way to lower your hot tub's energy costs by up to 70% and more efficient than a traditional air source heat pump... a full inverter heat pump. Complete with WiFi controls via a smartphone app, allowing you to adjust the heat of your hot tub from anywhere without needing to be beside the spa!
Price includes full installation on your hot tub, including parts

Ultra efficient
This fantastic model has an average CoP of 10. What does that mean to you? Well, CoP is coefficiency of performance. Essentially, the higher the CoP the better for your energy bills.
A CoP of 10 means that for every 1kW of energy that the heat pump uses, it generates 10kW... that means that it's up to 10x more efficient than using your hot tub's heating control system by itself.
Naturally, outside factors affect this and in the winter the CoP will be lower as the system has to work harder to generate the energy, but it's still considerably more efficient than using the hot tub without a heat pump. Unlike the cheap hot tub heat pumps on the market, this unit will work down to -7°C so it's ideal for a British winter!
Ultra quiet operation
This full inverter heat pump is very quiet, meaning no disturbance to neighbours. Because the compressor and fan function at low speeds whilst your spa's water temperature is held stable, the result is a low operating volume of around 42dB.
Ultra reliable
This fantastic heat pump is powered by a Twin-rotary DC inverter from Mitsubishi, guaranteeing reliable operation for many years.
What is a full inverter heat pump?
The heat pump will automatically vary the output of it's power and performance between 20-100% depending on the requirement for heating. By using an inverter heat pump for your hot tub, you'll benefit from better efficiency than standard air source heat pumps and you'll get a higher CoP, too!
App controlled
Control the heat pump from your sofa or wherever you are with the Inverter Life app, allowing you to turn up the spa temperature remotely so the hot tub is ready for action!

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