The Stalis

The Stalis

The Stalis

Whether you use the spa for relaxation, pain relief or just for fun, The Stalis hot tub is a perfect choice. With 32 powerful stainless-steel jets and stunning water features, you will be constantly amazed by this spa. The generous seating allows up to six people, with the choice of an ergonomic seat or a non-float lounger.

Adults and children alike will be astounded by the brilliance of this hot tub. Suitable for small groups of 6 with four ergonomic seats and two non-float loungers, and plenty of space for all occupants to enjoy. The spa has a sleek Balboa Control System and Touch Panel, with an easy-to-read to alter all the features of the hot tub.

Amaze your friends with the captivating LED water fountains as you all relax in the hydrotherapy jet seats and loungers, and experience the powerful muscle-relaxing massages. The optional Bluetooth speakers allow you to connect your phone or tablet and select your favourite podcast or audiobook whilst you unwind after a long day, or select the perfect music to boost the party vibe or soften the ambience.

Technical Specification:

• Weight: 275 KG

• Capacity: 6 Persons Spa

• Jets: 32 Jets

• Pumps: x1 3HP + x1 Circulation Pumps

• Control Box: Balboa - Balboa Manual 

• Bluetooth: Included

• Dimensions: 200 × 200 × 85 cm (6′ 6′′ x 6′ 6′′ x 2′ 9′′)

• Power Supply: 13 AMP, 32 AMP

• Heater: 2kW

• Water Features: Yes

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