The aphrodite

The aphrodite

The aphrodite

This high-quality six-seater Aphrodite hot tub, designed with both seats and two loungers is suitable for everyone. Its 58 hydro jets has an array of health benefits such as hydrotherapy, helping with anxiety, soothes any pain or muscle tension and more; sit back and enjoy the relaxing massages it provides while resting your neck against the comfortable neck rests. This hot tub can take any party or occasion to a higher level with two speakers, an ice bucket and cup holders, allowing the entertainment to continue for hours into the night.

Luxuriate in the welcoming hot water of this hot tub from the comfort of your own home. Take your pick of hydrotherapy jet massages with the array of seating, a choice of back-focused seats or from neck to toe in one of the non-float loungers.

Each spa is built with an Ozonator and two filters that kills harmful bacteria and removes any oil or dirt within the water, ensuring the hot water is clean and gentle on your body. The Balboa Spa Touch Control Panel, impervious to water damage and contamination, allows you to control the features of the spa with its user-friendly display. Or, with the optional WiFi upgrade, you can download the Control My Spa app and do it directly from your smartphone or tablet.

On hot summer days, you can keep your refreshments dry and cool with the complimentary ice bucket and cup holders; perfect for a long day in the sun, spending quality time with your family and friends. You can also enjoy your favourite music through the Bluetooth speakers and then unwind at night with the LED lights and water feature.

Technical Specification:

• Weight: 400 KG

• Capacity: 6 Persons Spa

• Jets: 58 Jets

• Pumps: x1 Circulation, x2 3HP Pumps

• Control Box: Balboa - Balboa Manual 

• Bluetooth: Included

• Dimensions: 230 × 230 × 95 cm (7′ 6′′ x 7′ 6′′ x 3′ 1′′)

• Power Supply: 32 AMP

• Heater: 3kW

• Water Features: Yes

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