The Poseidon

The Poseidon

The Poseidon

Introducing the Poseidon Hot Tub – your ultimate outdoor relaxation destination! With room for up to 6 people, including a lounger for ultimate comfort, this hot tub is perfect for spending time with friends and family. The Poseidon I is crafted from high-quality USA Lucite Acrylic and features a Canadian Gecko control system and heater, ensuring top-notch performance and durability. With LX two-speed pumps and a circulation pump, this hot tub provides you with the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.
The Poseidon Hot Tub boasts a total of 37 adjustable jets with LED lights, delivering the perfect massage to your body. The tub also features an LED bottom light, 16 small LED lights, and 4 LED cup holders, giving you a stunning visual display while you relax. Enjoy your favorite tunes with the built-in Gecko in. stream system and 4 waterproof speakers and subwoofer. The hot tub also includes an aromatherapy system and a UV water sanitisation system to help keep your spa bacteria free for an even more indulgent experience.
In addition to its many features, the Poseidon Hot Tub also comes with a cover, foam on the tub body, insulation on the skirt, and an ABS seal bottom with insulation to help keep your hot tub warm and energy-efficient. With a stylish plastic skirt with new big LED corners in color C/Grey, no screws on the skirt, and pillow, the Poseidon Hot Tub will blend seamlessly into any outdoor setting. Experience the ultimate in luxury and relaxation with the Poseidon Hot Tub – your own personal paradise!
DIMENSIONS 2200 X 2200 X 880

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