The pontus

The pontus

The pontus

The luxurious seven-seater hot tub is a fantastic spa getaway for you, your family and your friends in your own home. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear water and allow it to support and soothe your body. Created with 48 jets, take your pick at the variety of massages this spa offers as you rest your neck upon its pillows, and enjoy the beauty of its clear stream fountains.

Start living your luxurious fantasies with the seven-seater hot tub – a fantastic getaway spa for all to enjoy. Made with USA Aristech Acrylic to keep your surface looking fresh and bright after years of use and easy clean, your garden will look just as glamorous as the day it first arrived.

Relax alone or with guests to experience a fantastic spa treatment from the high-intensity 21 rotary jets, 24 directional hydro jets and single circulation jets, all of which are adjustable to soothe your body head to toe. Keep the party going after dark with the 25-fibre optic and large LED lights – with the option to change their colours using the Control My Spa app, or the Balboa Spa Touch Control Panel.

Technical Specification:

• Weight: 350 KG

• Capacity: 6 Persons Spa

• Jets: 48 Jets

• Pumps: x1 Circulation, x2 3HP Pumps

• Control Box: Balboa - Balboa Manual

• Bluetooth: Included

• Dimensions: 230 × 230 × 105 cm (7′ 6′′ x 7′ 6′′ x 3′ 5′′)

• Power Supply: 32 AMP

• Heater: 3kW

• Water Features: Yes

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