The Pasithea

The Pasithea

The Pasithea

This five-seater spa is a wonderful way to spend time with your family and friends. Control both lights and music directly from your phone as your body loosens up and you traverse to complete bliss. Not only will the multiple jets provide a soothing hydro-massage, but the warm water has been known to improve fatigue significantly as well as other health benefits.

Create your own private spa in the comfort of your own home with this hot tub, ideal for families to spend quality time together and entertain guests. Allow yourself to be transported to a relaxing paradise bringing well-being benefits such as muscle relaxation, a break up of tension and relieving anxiety. Using the Balboa Spa Touch Control Panel will allow you to have full control over the whole hot tub, with the ability to change the lights to create the perfect ambience, and alter the water temperature and the jets.

The 55 stainless-steel advanced jets are placed strategically around each of the seats and loungers, thus giving you multiple options to discover unique massages from head to toe. Connect your smartphone or tablet via the Balboa BBA2 Speakers to enjoy the company of your favourite artists as you appreciate the sunset or sunrise in your exclusive warm retreat.

Technical Specification:

• Weight: 400 KG

• Capacity: 5 Persons Spa

• Jets: 55 Jets

• Pumps: x1 Circulation, x2 3HP Pumps

• Control Box: Balboa - Balboa Manual 

• Bluetooth: Included

• Dimensions: 230 × 230 × 105 cm (7′ 6′′ x 7′ 6′′ x 3′ 5′′)

• Power Supply: 32 AMP

• Heater: 3kW

• Water Features: Yes

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